Sq-easy Gloves - Working hard so you don't have to!

Cleaning products such cleaning liquids, sponges & rubber gloves goes hand in hand, so we decided to combine these products making life easier for consumers. We take great care in designing products that look great, feel great & most importantly work.

Innovative cleaning solutions have also designed a kids bathing range. The kids range are designed to store the liquid inside the gloves and are fun, interactive & most importantly safe. Bathing children can be quite tricky, especially when using a sponge etc together with your preferred bathing shampoo and doing this whilst trying to hold a child can often mean having only the one hand free. The kids range will allow parents to have both hands free at all times. Making bath time Fun with our character gloves.

Everything that we produce is designed to make consumers lives easier. We combine innovative design with cost effective materials, we are always listening to consumers and are continually improving the Sq-easy gloves range.

Sq-easy gloves range is Patented, trademarked & design protected.

Sq-easy Gloves - Working hard so you don't have to!

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